Stokes Micros Review

These tasty mints are a great option for new cannabis users and those seeking an easy dosing edible. Each Stokes Micros mint contains 5mg of THC; an amount that for many users is right at that sweet spot of giving the benefits of cannabis while not creating an overwhelming intoxication.

Microdosing to your perfect mood is really what Stokes micros are all about and its aided by the sublingual effect they can give. Sublingual (under the tongue) ingestion of cannabis has some benefits over traditional edibles like quicker action and shorter duration of effect.

Also, your body metabolizes edibles differently than other forms of consumption, leading to a more psychedelic and sedative effect. If you desire this effect simply hold the mint in your mouth rather than swallowing

Stokes has indica, hybrid, and sativa Micros to give you even more control over your high.

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