The User’s Guide to Vape Pen Oils and Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges


Over the past several years, a popular method of THC and CBD delivery has taken the market by storm. They may be familiar to you as pre-filled vape cartridges, wax pens or hash oil vape pens. Pre-filled cartridges have been getting more and more attention because of their efficiency and ease-of-use.

However, choosing the right pre-filled cannabis vape pen or cannabis oil can be a tough decision. From aesthetics to potency, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the perfect product for you. First, let’s briefly visit the history and evolution of the vape pen.

History of Vape Pens

The first e-cigarette was developed in the 1960s by Herbert A. Gilbert. Although it was very similar to the vape pens we have today, tobacco users didn’t yet appreciate the health benefits of inhaling vapor rather than cigarette smoke.

In the 90s, numerous e-cigarette patents began to be filed and products more closely resembling modern vaping devices began to move towards the commercial market. In 1998, one major U.S. tobacco company requested permission from the FDA to bring one of the first e-cigarettes to market. The FDA denied this request, citing the device as an unapproved drug delivery device. This decision could be what prevented e-cigarettes and vaping devices from becoming a popular, mainstream device until decades later.

It wasn’t until the new millennium, that what we now recognize as modern vape pens began to become readily available on the market. Now with popular modifications, they can be used with dry herb, wax, or what is becoming an increasingly effective and efficient means of delivery, pre-filled cartridges.

Benefits of Vaping

There are numerous benefits of vaping, whether that’s using oils or pre-filled cartridges. We outline some of the advantages below:


Vaping provides the best on-the-go method of enjoying cannabis products. Pre-filled vape cartridges specifically provide the ease of having a minimalist design that you can enjoy without the extra bulk, or smoke and odors that come along with raw cannabis products.


Electronic cannabis vaping products continue to be innovated for ease of use. Most devices only require the push of a button to inhale, with increasingly long battery lives. Pre-filled vape cartridges allow you the extra convenience of not having to worry about dosing. These products already contain optimal doses of oil, and provide the user complete control over how much they want to consume.

Cannabis Vaping Options

Electronic vaping devices allow the user plenty of options to custom tailor their cannabis experience. When it comes to hardware, you have the option of either going with a battery/cartridge combo or choosing a disposable device. Most battery combos feature an interchange thread for their batteries, though some require brand-specific replacements. Batteries in disposable devices, capable of powering the device until the pre-filled oil cartridge has been emptied.

Oils that are used in electronic vaping devices are required to have the proper viscosity. Otherwise, they will be incapable of vaporizing. There are several methods that manufacturers use to create the perfect vaping oils. CO2 oils require no additional additives, usually containing natural terpenes which act as a thinning agent and provide strain-specific flavors. Cannabis distillates are highly refined oils that contain almost 100% pure cannabinoids, though they usually require some sort of additional thinning agents.

Terpene Infusions

With the health concerns that accompany artificial cutting agents, the use of terpenes has been found to decrease viscosity, increase aromatics and flavors, and augment the effects of cannabis for the user. Terpenes can be synthesized artificially, or found in nature. Natural terpenes, refined from sources of cannabis, can be re-added to hash oils to create a natural flavor profile and viscosity required to function within a vape cartridge.

Desired Effects of Cannabis

When shopping for vaping oils or pre-filled vape cartridges, users can often find products labeled by their supposed effects. Whether it’s for “relaxation” or “energy”, or if it is supposed to mimic the specific effects of an indica, sativa or hybrid strain. These desired effects are achieved by the careful infusion of terpenes. While the actual similarity in effect is in the mind of the beholder, terpene infusions can certainly enhance the experience of vaping cannabis products.

Cannabinoid-Specific vs. Full-Spectrum Oils and Cartridges

It is common to find many oils and pre-filled vape cartridges that focus on a specific cannabinoid concentration. This can be extremely useful for those looking for a higher CBD content, with the same ease and portability as higher THC products. While high-CBD oils and pens may not include extra flavorings, they do provide a guaranteed THC to CBD ratio from between 2:1 to 20:1.

Meanwhile, Full-Spectrum Oils serve as the highest quality products when it comes to pre-filled cannabis cartridges. These oils, while they may be expensive and harder to find, provide unmatched flavor profiles and effects for the user. Full-Spectrum oils provide you with the closest experience to a natural strain that you could hope to receive from an electronic vaping product.

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