Platinum OG Kush Strain Review

Medical Cannabis at Therapeutic Healthcare Collective in Santa Cruz CA

Bright green buds with tinges of purple are frosted with a silvery sheen of trichomes. A sprinkling of orange hairs tops this enticing plump bud. Mouthwatering OG citrus notes with hints of sweet earth and pine draw you in. The fragrance works its magic, inspiring cravings while the sparkling crystals catch the light. Few strains have reached legendary status, but Platinum OG kush’s spot is ensured on California dispensary shelves for decades to come. Named for the dense coating of trichomes that are the hallmark of this plant, Platinum OG kush is a pretty flower that packs a punch.

Platinum OG Kush Effects

A heady high comes on fast and hard, instantly washing through the mind and obliterating stress and anxiety. Not to be taken lightly, Platinum OG comes on hard and fast. A strong body high settles in following a few minutes of cerebral cloudiness. With heavy sedative effects, this strain is an excellent combatant of muscle spasms, chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Less tolerant patients should approach with caution. Therapeutic Healthcare Collective offers a variety of top-notch strains, including Platinum OG. If you haven’t already, consider indulging yourself in this sweet remedy today.

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