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Therapeutic Healthcare Collective is ready to open our doors on Jan, 1, 2018 for Adult-Use Cannabis sales. Our goal is to make sure that new consumers to the cannabis industry will get educated on how to be responsible for cannabis use, and the effects of high THC levels.

What are High THC Levels?

  • The way cannabis plants are grown has changed over the past few decades. Many plants now contain high THC levels. The higher the THC content, the stronger the effects on your brain and behavior.17,18,19
  • Higher levels of THC may result from newer methods of using cannabis like dabbing, vaping, and/or consuming edibles.19
  • High concentrations of THC are not fully understood but can impair your judgment and coordination, and lead to poisonings, car crashes, and other injuries. It can also increase your risk of acute psychosis.1,20,21,22

Everyone Reacts Differently

  • You may react differently to cannabis than other people, depending on which method you use, how strong the cannabis is, your gender and previous experience with cannabis or other drugs.23
  • Start with less than a single dose (less than 10 mg of THC) then wait before you use more.24,25
  • Even a single dose of THC may impair your ability to drive, bike or do other activities, especially if you are a new cannabis user or just use once in a while.26,27

Vaping and Concentrates

Researchers do not fully understand how using cannabis with vaporizers or using concentrated forms like waxes and oils affects your health. However, we do know:28

  • Vaporized and concentrated cannabis can have high THC levels, which increases the risk of poisoning.29
  • The tools and high temperatures used for vaporizing cannabis may expose you to toxic substances.29

Synthetic Cannabinoids

  • Synthetic cannabinoids (K2, spice, spike) are not actually cannabis but are made from another type of plant and sprayed with chemicals produced
    in a laboratory.27,30
  • Synthetic cannabinoids affect your brain more powerfully than cannabis and may result in nausea, anxiety, paranoia, brain swelling, seizures, hallucinations, aggression, heart palpitations or chest pains.31,32
  • If someone you know has used synthetic cannabinoids and needs help, take the following steps:
    • −  Call 911 immediately if the person stops breathing, collapses, or has a seizure. These symptoms can be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention.
    • −  Call your Poison Control Center at 800-222-1222.

Under California law, adults 21 or older can use, carry, and grow cannabis (marijuana, weed, pot, etc.). Buying cannabis (without a valid physician’s recommendation or a county-issued medical marijuana identification card) will become legal under California law for adults 21 or older on January 1, 2018. Use of medicinal cannabis is legal under California law if you have a valid physician’s recommendation or a valid county-issued medical marijuana identification card. To buy medicinal cannabis, you must be 18 or older and have either a valid physician’s recommendation, a valid county-issued medical marijuana identification card, or be a Primary Caregiver as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 11362.7(d) or 11362.5(e), with a valid physician’s recommendation for the patient. In addition, consistent with the Compassionate Use Act, you may possess or cultivate any amount that is reasonably related to your current medical needs. The new California law, known as the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act33, includes information about where you can use cannabis, how much you can possess, and the penalties for illegal use.

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Excerpt is taken from California Cannabis Health Information Initiative “Let’s Talk Cannabis” Campaign

by Therapeutic Healthcare Collective

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