Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis & Cannabis

Cannabis for ALS in Santa Cruz

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis & Cannabis

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS is a severely debilitating nervous system disease. This disease basically attacks your spinal cord and neurons in your brain. These are the neurons that facilitate transmission of signals that communicate with the voluntary muscles in your body, such as, your arms and legs. Initially, people start to notice mild muscle weakness, trouble walking, writing and speaking which leads to a progressive deterioration of muscles strength and eventually they cannot move at all or even breathe on their own. This is because it affects every muscle in your body including your intercostal and chest muscles which are needed for breathing. Most people with ALS end up needing the support of a ventilator and die from respiratory failure.

ALS is common amongst 40-60 year olds, men more than women acquire this disease and the jury is still out on what exactly causes it. It has been known to run in families but can afflict anyone at random. The medical and scientific community has found no cure but there are medicines that can relieve symptoms and, sometimes, prolong survival.

In comes cannabis to help relieve symptoms and possibly prolong life. There have been case reports of patients with ALS, who are using cannabis to relieve symptoms, who have outlived their ALS peers and the prognosis of their doctors.

Here at, Therapeutic Healthcare Collective, we have a patient with ALS who follows a strict diet and uses cannabis to treat his symptoms of ALS. He has been living a normal life, has outlived his ALS peered and has survived longer than what his doctors thought he would.

Research shows that THC and other cannabinoids can benefit mice with ALS.

There is mounting evidence of cannabinoids stopping the progression of ALS and this has changed the attitudes of doctors and researchers, who have recently called for ALS clinical trials with Cannabis or cannabinoids.

This is all good news for the ALS community and also gives us more hope for a cure. We need to push for more scientific research, legalize cannabis on the federal level and give people the right to life!

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